Hundreds of whimsical souvenir frig magnets available with your name-drop.




Made in the U.S.A.




We handcraft refrigerator souvenir magnets such as sea-life, wildlife, zoo, and farm animals, plus a wide assortment of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other whimsical fridge magnets.

Turn these “Made in USA” collectible magnets into souvenirs with our free name-drop service.

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NEW! “I Love You” (hand sign)

In sign language, the hand sign for "I Love You" is a combination of the phrase's initials I-L-Y. In assorted colors with room to declare your affection.

NEW! Llama

Llamas are in, we hear! In assorted saddle colors.

NEW! Adirondack Chair

NEW! Adirondack Chair

The classic lakeside chair in assorted colors complete with appropriate guests: squirrel, bird, or sleeping cat, with oak leaf and mug of coffee.

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